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A Pirate's Life For Me

hade ni ikuze!

Monkey D. Simon
13 January 1985

Hade ni ikuze!
I'm Simon. Twenty seven, pansexual, polyamorous, northern tradition druid, tokusatsu fanboy, beginner cosplayer. I'm a writer, occasional graphic artist, and even less occasional artist artist. I'm married to the amazing trey, and dating the lovely caramelkeike. This journal is about three parts fandom and one part personal. Most posts are public, with the more personal ones remaining friends only. Friend me to read my public entries; message me for a friend back (don't be shy! I love making new friends.)

My most active fandoms of the moment are Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and One Piece. My One Piece OTP is Shanks/Luffy, and I ship everything in Gokaiger with no real OTP. Other fandoms I'm invested in are Kamen Rider OOO, Engine Sentai Go-onger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Power Rangers RPM, and Cocoa Otoko RPS. I'm an avid slash/BL fan, but I do dabble with femslash/GL and het pairings. It's just that, as a mostly gay man, I tend to like the boys most.

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ad/kane, ahim de famille, airmyu, anime, ankh, ankh/eiji, basco ta jolokia, basco/marvelous, brilliant shadow puppets, caffeine, captain marvelous, chousei kantai sazer-x, cigarettes and coffee, clove cigarettes, cocoa otoko, cosplay, crossplay, daisuke/ken, dark link, dark link/link, date/gotou, digimon adventure, digimon adventure 02, dillon/ziggy, don dogoier, doujinshi, drabbles, engine sentai go-onger, fake person slash, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, fic, foreign languages, fps, freaking out the mundanes, gaming, greeeds, gunpei/hanto, hade ni ikuze, halloween, happy boys, heart grenades, heaven's rock, hino eiji, hosogai kei, icons, ide takuya, ikari gai, ishihara gunpei, joe gibken, joe/don, jou hanto, jrock, kaizoku sentai gokaiger, kamakari kenta, kamen rider, kamen rider ooo, legend of zelda, luka millfy, manga, marvelous/ahim, monkey d luffy, my chemical romance, mythology, narcissistic self-deprecation, new york city, nightrunner, ocarina of time, oldschool dungeons and dragons, one piece, ozawa ryota, pansexuality, perks ofbeinga wallflower, piercings, polyamory, power rangers rpm, project.r, punk noir, rage and love, real person slash, red-haired shanks, reggie andthe full effect, road trips, role playing, rpgs, rps, ryuunosuke/chiaki, samurai sentai shinkenger, shanks/luffy, sheik/link, shimizu kazuki, shindo gaku, shit disturbing, sid bamick, sid/marvelous, slash, sleeping on concrete, spontaneous slingshot ejaculation, star wars, super sentai, suzuki shogo, takeru/genta, tani chiaki, tattoos, team bacchus, the beatles, the boondock saints, the east coast, the umbrella academy, the underbelly, tokusatsu, umemori genta, vampire: the masquerade, world of darkness, world of warcraft, writing, yamato/taichi, yaoi, yonehara kousuke, yuri, ziggy grover